Friday, June 19, 2009


भगवत: कृपया ऋजुता नाम आवयोः पुत्री १७ जून २००९ दिने विसृष्टा। मातापुत्र्यौ कुशलिनौ। भाग्यवन्तः परिप्लुताः नम्रीकृताः च वयम्। मानवीयजन्मः संसारे अद्भुतः इत्योक्त्वा स्थगयामि।

निसर्गकृपेने आमची कन्या ऋजुता हिचा जन्म १७ जून २००९ ला सकाळी ०७:५७ ला झाला. दीपा व ऋजुता ठीक आहेत. मानवी जन्माबद्दल आिण त्या अनुभवाबद्दल काय बरं लिहू? सगळंच अद्भुत!

We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Rujuta, On June 17th, 2009. Both baby and her mother are doing well. Human birth (or any birth for that matter) is so overwhelming and humbling. It was a great experience. I can't put in words what I felt.

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namaste kedar mahodaya deepa bhagini/mata cha,

manahspurvak abhinandan!

ho, he jeevan ahech muli adbhut....tyaat bharpoor ananda maanaavaa!
Mona bhagini
केदार, दीपा आणि अपूर्व
मन:पूर्वक अभिनन्दन! रुजुताला भेटाय्ला उत्सुक आहोत!

अश्विनी मंदार सारंग
सुमू आणि आज्जी !
Kedar ani Deepa,

Manhpoorvak Abhinandan !!!!

-Sudhir ani Kutumb...

मनःपूर्वक अभिनंदन! अपूर्व, ऋजुता, आणि तुम्हा सर्वांनाच भेटण्यची इच्छा आहे.

राहुल, हि्मानी.
dear kedar, deepa & apoorvdada :)
heartiest congratulations from oveedidi, anagha & shashank! may rujuta be blessed with love, happiness, success and a peaceful life ahead.
when do we get to meet both apoorv and rujuta?
do post some videos.
all is going on well at our end.
the hyderabadis:)
kulkarni kulotpanah Raghuveersutaha Rahulaha aham shubhechcha pradarshayami..
Dear Kedar, Deepa & Apoorv
heartiest congratulations from Rajan , Chitra, Ojas & Kinjal may Rujuta be blessed with love, happiness, success and a peaceful life ahead.
All is going on well at our end.
manapurvak abhinandan! ..once again congrates.
Delighted to know about the safe arrival of
baby Rujuta. Congrats to you Deepa, Kedar & Apoorv. Also
to Kunda mavshi & kaka.
Lots of love.
Keya Kasturi Parag
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Deepa and Kedar and Apoorva...

Heartiest Congratulations! We share this joy with you and wish Rujuta a wonderful and happy life.

Vinita and Amit
Actually,I want to say something more than just " Abhinandan " , but as u said,I too have no words to express my feelings,so just " Congrats !" Convey it to Deepa also. We wish both D & R a very good health. Alsoo a paapaa for dear Appu. By the way,is he aware what change has taken place in his life ? How has he reacted about it? Any way "CCOONNGGRRAATTSSSS" once again to you two... sorry three !!!
Dear Kedar, Deepa, Apurv,

We wish you a world of happiness and laughter with baby Rujuta. Looking forward to see you once you start catching up some sleep (us too). :-)

- Sunil-Subhagya
Hi Kedar Masala Wadai,

Congratulations -
Hope you guys enjoy the parenthood as we are doing.

Dear Kedar Congratulations

Jagdish Kulkarni


Congratulations Deepa and Family. Rujuta is beautiful!. Enjoy her.
Abhinandan Deepa & Kedar!
Dear Kedar, Deepa & Apoorv,

Heartiest Congratulations!!!

Rujuta aani tiche naav donhi sundar aahe! Abhinandan!!

Happy Parenting to both of you & wish Rujuta a life full of love & happiness!

Ashish, Sadhana & Anushka
Dear Kedar, Deepa and Apoorv,
Wow. Just saw this news from iitm thread. Hearty Congratulations. This is awesome. I agree with what you said on human birth, no words can describe it. Have fun and enjoy auspicious moments.
Best regards,
Gopal, Vanaja & Pranav
Kedar, Deepa and Apu, Congrats !!!
-Prasanna and Ashwini
Wow Congratulation!!! Beau petit bebe!
Kedar congratulations to you and your family.

- Rajiv
Hi Kedar,
Congratulations to you and family.

She's beautiful! Is she going to be a daddy's girl? Congratulations!
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Kedar, Deepa ani Apoorv,
Heartiest Congratulations! Photo khup chan ale ahet. Rujuta nav pam khup chan ahe. Pan tichya sathi vegla blog hava! Nahitar mee tila dhaktya bhavandanchya union madhe register karin - banda karayla. :-)

Rashmi ani Abhay
Time to post some new pix!!!
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